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Oregon Travel Study Pilot Underway This Spring

The Oregon Department of Transportation and Oregon’s 8 Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) are conducting a statewide travel study to better understand when, where and how people travel in Oregon.  This study will collect information from household across the state between April 2023 and June 2024.

As technologies evolve and travel behaviors change, transportation planners need to collect current travel data to inform future transportation investments and prioritization.  This study will help us plan for a more safe, equitable, and sustainable future transportation system.  It is especially important to gather this information now at a time when patterns are changing and adapting to new conditions post pandemic in the face of inflation and housing shortages. 

About 20,000 randomly selected households will be invited to participate by a mailed invitation. This large statewide study will kick off with a Pilot Study in April 2023. The Pilot Study ensures the study approach worked as planned and refine materials if needed. This is an important step in ensuring the results will produce the information needed within reasonable cost before inviting households for the main study scheduled for Fall 2023. 

Invited households have the option to complete the study questions online, by phone, or through a smartphone app (rMove™) developed by the project consultants, RSG. When complete, this study will help improve our state’s transportation system. 

To learn more about the Oregon Travel Study, please visit the project website

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