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OMSC Subcommittees

Click on the subcommittee name for additional details. 




Modeling Program Coordination (MPC) Subcommittee.  This standing subcommittee provides an informal coordination forum for interagency staff discussion of model development, implementation and associated data and research.  

Technical Tools Subcommittee.  While considered a standing subcommittee, in practice the Technical Tools Subcommittee operates like an ad-hoc committee. Agency staff participants on this subcommittee may change depending on the subject matter expertise needed for different collaborative topics. 

Travel Behavior Survey Subcommittee (Ad-Hoc).  The Travel Behavior Survey Subcommittee is a group of interagency staff who are examining strategies for collecting and analyzing travel behavior surveys around the state.  


Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Subcommittee (Ad-Hoc), 2020 to 2021  


Freight Modeling Subcommittee (Ad-Hoc), 2017 to 2018 

Health and Transportation Subcommittee (Ad-Hoc), 2013-2016

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