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About the OMSC

The Oregon Modeling Statewide Collaborative (OMSC) began in 1996 as a peer review group for the Oregon Department of Transportation's Modeling Improvement Program.  Since the OMSC was first convened, participating agencies saw a need for collaboration as analysis tools were developed by different transportation and planning organizations around the state.  The OMSC allows Oregon to leverage the collective strengths and experiences of multiple agencies when developing new transportation analysis tools, associated data, and research.

The OMSC is a voluntary staff-level technical collaborative.  

We do not direct or recommend public policy.


The OMSC also supports the Oregon Modeling Users Group (OMUG), an information sharing forum that is open to anyone with an interest in transportation modeling.   

For more about the OMSC, see our current work plan.   Join our email list to receive notices of OMSC biannual meetings, OMUG events, and other periodic information related to transportation models in Oregon.

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