About OMUG

The Oregon Modeling Users Group (OMUG) is an information-sharing forum that is open to transportation modelers in public and private practice statewide.  We serve as a clearinghouse for educational and networking opportunities, helping to expand the knowledge and cultivate the skills of Oregon's modeling professionals.

OMUG is managed by a small coordinating committee that includes one representative each from a transportation agency, an Oregon university, and the consulting community.   Current representatives are:

OMUG is a key outreach forum for the Oregon Modeling Steering Committee, a statewide, consortium of public agencies working to ensure Oregon continues to have the right data, tools, skills and expertise needed to answer important questions about our transportation systems, land use patterns and economy.  Since 1996, the OMSC has worked to improve the state of the practice and promote state-of-the-art land use and transportation modeling in Oregon.