The Oregon Modeling Steering Committee (OMSC), OMUG's parent organization, is working on several topics that may be of interest to OMUG members.  Links to information and resources are provided below.  

To suggest additional links, please contact the topic leaders shown, or submit a suggestion to the OMUG Coordinating Committee. 


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Emerging Technologies
Topic Leader:  Nick Meltzer, Corvallis Area Metropolitan Planning Organization 
Freight Modeling
Topic Leader:  Becky Knudson, ODOT
  • An OMSC Freight Subcommittee was convened in 2018-2019, to evaluate analysis capabilities, freight data opportunities, and research areas, and to recommend focus areas for research, data and tool refinement/development in Oregon.  Contact Becky for further information.


Greenhouse Gas (GHG)


Topic Leader:  Tara Weidner, ODOT

  • The OMSC has formed a GHG Subcommittee to:

    1. Identify the potential roles of various agencies and ODOT units related to transportation GHG data and analysis, and

    2. Provide recommendations for developing and maintaining analysis methods, tools and data sets for GHG analysis.

  • Oregon Greenhouse Gas Modeling and Analysis Tools Report, prepared by ODOT in 2018, gives an overview of current analysis tools, capabilities and limitations.  See this document for additional literature references.  An extensive appendix provides links to national GHG modeling tools and resources, plus information on Oregon's GHG scenario planning and target setting process.


  • The Oregon Global Warming Commission's 2018 Biennial Report to the Legislature for the 2019 Legislative Session describes the state's GHG goals, current trends and consequences, including the role of the transportation sector.  

Travel Behavior Data
Topic Leader:  Chris Johnson, Metro
  • The OMSC's Travel Survey Subcommittee is coordinating collection of travel behavior data across the state.  Contact Chris for details.