OMUG Presentations

Last Mile Delivery Innovations: COVID 19 Challenges and Opportunities

Miguel Figliozzi, Portland State University

May 7, 2020

Metro Freight Model Update

Kyle Hauger, Metro

May 7, 2020

Idah Statewide Freight Data and Commodity Supply Chain Analysis Study

Eric Jessup, Washington State University

Sal Hernandez, Oregon State Unoversity

May 7, 2020

EROAD: Freight in Oregon

On May 7, 2020, Gareth Robins, Director of Analytics at EROAD provided a special presentation for OMUG on the use of truck transponder data in freight planning.  Because of proprietary sensitivities, we may not publicly post Gareth's presentation slides; however, interested parties may visit for information on EROAD's fleet management tools.  Questions may also be directed via email to Gareth, or to Sal Hernandez at Oregon State University.

OMSC Freight Subcommittee Report-Out

Becky Knudson, ODOT Transportation Planning and Analysis Unit

May 7, 2020

Handouts and Info from 2020 Post-TRB BrownBag Discussion

January 30, 2020

Emerging Modes: Evidence from a National Stated Choice Experiment

Dr. Joe Broach, Metro

October 10, 2019

ODOT's TMIP-EMAT Testing Summary

Transportation Modeling Improvement Program Exploratory Modeling and Analysis Tool (TMIP-EMAT)

Alex Bettinardi, ODOT Transportation Planning and Analysis Unit

October 10, 2019

Emerging Technology - Interagency Collaboration Across Oregon

Nick Meltzer, Corvallis Area Metropolitan Planning Organization

October 10, 2019

Current C/AV Modeling Capabilities in Oregon

Ray Jackson, Mid-Willamette Valley Council of Governments

October 10, 2019

​RTC Origin-Destination Study using Moonshadow Mobile

Mark Harrington, SW Washington RTC

June 20, 2019

​Portland Metro Replica Pilot Project Update

Eliot Rose, Metro

June 20, 2019

OMSC Work Plan Update for Calendar Years 2019-2020

Brian Dunn, ODOT Transportation Planning and Analysis Unit Manager

March 21, 2019

Oregon Household Activity Survey: Updates and Status

Chris Johnson, Metro Modeling Division Manager

March 21, 2019

Autonomous Vehicle Scenarios Using a VisionEval Model in Oregon

Tara Weidner, ODOT Transportation Planning and Analysis Unit

August 22, 2018

Statewide Transportation System Monitoring

Tara Weidner, ODOT Transportation Planning and Analysis Unit

August 22, 2018

Moonshadow Mobile: Using Big Data for Traffic Modeling and Analytics

An overview of data analytics tools developed by Moonshadow Mobile in partnership with DKS Associates.  

Eimar Boesjes, CEO, Moonshadow Mobile, Inc.

July 18, 2018

Population Sim: A new, easy to use population synthesizer

A presentation to introduce a new tool available in Oregon to generate synthetic population data for model input. 

Alex Bettinardi, ODOT Transportation Planning and Analysis Unit

Joel Freedman, Director, RSG

May 17, 2018

Southern Oregon Activity Based Model Update

An update on work to develop an activity based model for the Rogue Valley and Middle Rogue MPOs.

Joel Freedman, Director, RSG

Alex Bettinardi, ODOT Transportation Planning and Analysis Unit

May 17, 2018

Oregon Modeling Steering Committee Overview

An overview of the OMSC's mission, goals, structure and current collaborative initiatives.

Jeff Frkonja, Metro Research Center Director

March 22, 2018

Development and Application of Transportation Cost Index

Tracking time and monetary costs of transportation as an accessibility measure.

Dr. Liming Wang, Portland State University

December 7, 2017

Metro's Multi-Criteria Evaluation Tool

A decision support tool that considers economic vitality, environmental stewardship, and social and equity values. 

Kyle Hauger, Senior Researcher and Modeler, Metro Research Center, December 7, 2017


A programming framework for the collaborative development of regional strategic planning models. 


Brian Gregor, Oregon Systems Analytics LLC

December 17, 2015

Southern Oregon ABM Update

An update on development of an activity-based model system for southern Oregon.


Joel Freedman and Binny Paul, RSG

December 17, 2015

Metro's Trip-Based Model Update

An update on work to refresh Metro's 4-step model using 2011 Oregon household and activity survey data.  The refresh work is extending the model's useful life with minimal disruption, pending development of an activity-based model for the Portland region. 



December 17, 2015

Smart Phone Truck Data

Evaluation of smart phone applications for collecting weight-mile truck data.


Katherine Bell, PE and Miguel Figliozzi, PhD

June 20, 2013

Use of INRIX Data

Use of INRIX data for the Portland metropolitan region.

Peter Bosa, Metro

June 20, 2013

Metro Scope

Three reports concerning the MetroScope transportation cost post processor:  Aggregate behaviorist techniques in a disaggregate, reductionist world.

March 14, 2013

GreenSTEP Housing Model

Housing model additions to GreenSTEP.

Brian Gregor, Joe Li and Matthew Palm

March 14, 2013

VISUM Tour Based Modeling

An introduction to tour based modeling in VISUM.

Chetan Joshi

December 6, 2012

Metro Bicycle Modeling Tools

An overview of tools used by Metro for bicycle modeling.

December 6, 2012

Pedestrians in Regional Travel Demand Models

A presentation on the state of the practice.

Patrick Singleton and Kelly Clifton, Ph.D., PSU

December 6, 2012

Re-routing Walk and Bike Models

An overview of ideal walk models.

Joe Broach, PhD Candidate, PSU Urban Studies

December 6, 2012

Data Products for Modeling

An overview of data products including TomTom, MultiNet, Traffic Stats and GTFS.

Steve Perone, PTV

June 23, 2011

Update on Metro's Regional Bicycle Demand Model

Attributes of Portland's regional bicycle network and features of Metro's bicycle model.

Bill Stein, Metro

June 23, 2011

Dynamic Traffic Assignment for Metro

Development of a dynamic traffic assignment (DTA) model for the Portland Metropolitan Region

June 23, 2011

Metro Transit Modeling

Transit modeling considerations.

Bud Reiff, Metro

June 23, 2011

SWIM2 Sensitivity Testing

Testing of ODOT's stochiastic Statewide Integrated Model (SWIM).

Alex Bettinardi, ODOT

December 9, 2010

Activity Based Models in Practice

Joel Freedman

December 9, 2010

SWIM Visuallization

Visualization tools for use with ODOT's Statewide Integrated Model.

Ben Stabler

June 10, 2010

State Freight Plan Modeling

Summary of findings from analysis scenarios.

Becky Knudson, ODOT

April 22, 2010

Oregon Household Activity Survey Status Update

Becky Knudson, ODOT

June 10, 2010

VMT Calculations for City Districts and Sub Areas

Ning Zhou, City of Portland

December 10, 2009

Metro Park and Ride Data Analysis

Ben Stabler and Joel Freedman

December 10, 2009

Portland Travel Study

An overview of travel survey design for the Portland metro area.

December 10, 2009

GreenSTEP Model Testing

An overview of testing and applications for ODOT's GreenSTEP model. 

Alex Bettinardi and Joe Li, ODOT

December 10, 2009

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