OMUG Past Presentations Library

Horizon/Plan Bay Area 2050: Project Performance

Lisa Zorn, Metropolitan Transportation Council

May 13, 2021

Watch a video clip of Lisa's presentation here

Portland Region Congestion Pricing Study

Matt Bihn and Alex Oreschak, Metro

May 13, 2021

Watch a video clip of Matt and Alex's presentation here

Metro's Economic Value Atlas

Jeff Raker, Oregon Metro

May 13, 2021

Watch a video clip of Jeff's presentation here.

Integrating Climate Into Plans, Programs and Projects

Peter Hurley, Portland Bureau of Transportation

January 12, 2021

Reducing GHG in the Portland Metropolitan Region

Kim Ellis, Metro

January 12, 2021

SACOG GHG in MTP/SCS and Project Implementation

Yanmei Ou, Sacramento Area Council of Governments

January 12, 2021

Transportation GHG Emissions Analysis for California Agencies

Chris Breiland, Fehr and Peers

January 12, 2021

Last Mile Delivery Innovations: COVID 19 Challenges and Opportunities

Miguel Figliozzi, Portland State University

May 7, 2020

Metro Freight Model Update

Kyle Hauger, Metro

May 7, 2020

Idaho Statewide Freight Data and Commodity Supply Chain Analysis Study

Eric Jessup, Washington State University

Sal Hernandez, Oregon State University

May 7, 2020

EROAD: Freight in Oregon

On May 7, 2020, Gareth Robins, Director of Analytics at EROAD provided a special presentation for OMUG on the use of truck transponder data in freight planning.  Because of proprietary sensitivities, we may not publicly post Gareth's presentation slides; however, interested parties may visit for information on EROAD's fleet management tools.  

OMSC Freight Subcommittee Report-Out

Becky Knudson, ODOT Transportation Planning and Analysis Unit

May 7, 2020